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                       Etchings by Emrich

Now selling out of my studio at 20 Commonwealth Ave in Springfield, Vt.  Call or  Email me for an appointment at. 
(nine - seven - eight) 239-6542.  

Affordable fine art.  Etchings: some are hand water colored, in the raw (unframed) or ready to hang.  Oil paintings, and pen and ink drawings as well!

Welcome to my website:  I have been creating artwork all my life, but started doing etchings in 1995.  I have now been producting quality, limited edition runs for more than 25 years.  I have created more than 75 plates.  Each run is still a work in progress and each plate may undergo refinement as the run progresses.  All works are created by me and sold by me.  Some pieces are hand water colored, and I have on occasion allowed clients to purchase and hand water color my works to their own taste.  Capitalizing on the motto "Paint this Picture", they buy a work in the raw (unmatted and unframed) and then water color the piece using suggested examples from prior efforts by myself and other patrons.  Generally, this provides a high quality collaborative work of art the purchaser can hang proudly in their home.   My work is offered in the "RAW" (unmatted and unframed) - hence my "RAWBIN" site name.  I also have numerous professionally matted and framed pieces that are  ready to hang.  Shipping costs go up greatly when purchasing framed pieces as they are under glass.

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Email me at etchingsbyemrich@aol.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Dick Emrich